The 2021 International Cancer Education Conference, organized by the American Association for Cancer Education (AACE), the Cancer Patient Education Network (CPEN), and the European Association for Cancer Education (EACE), invites abstracts for Preconference Workshops, Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, and Symposiums/Panels that emphasize cancer education curricula, programs and/or initiatives across the cancer continuum, in relation to the conference theme, Integrating Culture, Spirituality, and Social Support into Cancer Education to Improve Health Equity.

Oral, Poster, and Symposium/Panel abstracts are required to be categorized as either Research or Practices in Cancer Education, and to be submitted in one primary and one or more secondary focal areas. Authors have the opportunity to indicate up to five keywords for their submission from a list of over 60 options.

Abstract submission is now open!

Read the Abstract Submission Instructions thoroughly for all submission details, including our abstract review criteria. Other helpful documents to prepare your abstract include the Research Abstract Criteria, the Practices/Programs Abstract Criteria, and the Abstract Review Rubrics for Workshops, Research Abstracts, and Practices/Programs Abstracts.

Submit an Abstract

  • Workshop Abstract Submission Deadline: 26 April 2021

  • Oral/Poster/Symposium Abstract Submission Deadline: 10 May 2021

If you have already submitted your abstract, you can still login to view and edit your abstract. Editing will become disabled after the abstract submission deadline. We will provide a brief window after abstract notifications are made during which you can edit your abstract before it is published in the Journal of Cancer Education.

Abstracts must be submitted under one of the following presentation types:
  • Preconference Workshops (90-minute skills workshops held prior to the beginning of the conference; due date for these submissions will be 3 weeks earlier than other abstract types)
  • Oral presentations (15-minute presentations, including Q&A, arranged by the Planning Committee in a session with 4 other oral presentations on similar topics)
  • Poster presentations (posters prepared for attendee viewing throughout the conference with one assigned 90-minute poster session during which you will receive attendee visits to your poster, share the information with them in a 2-3 minute presentation, and answer questions)
  • Either oral or poster (indicating the author is happy to present their research/program in either of the two preceding formats)
  • Symposium/Panel submissions (a group of 3-5 presentations organized around a central theme, the presentation of which will take 90 minutes; the symposium organizer will first submit a general overview abstract, then the individual presenters will submit detailed abstracts along with identifying information for the symposium of which their abstract is part)
    • Symposium/Panel Overview: requests the Symposium/Panel title, a brief description (2-3 sentences) of the overall symposium/panel, and details on how many abstracts will be submitted as part of the symposium along with those abstracts’ approximate titles/topics and tentative authors. After submitting, the organizer should send the abstract ID number for the Overview to all participating authors so that they can submit their Participating Abstracts. If the organizer is also a symposium/panel presenter, they will need to submit their Participating Abstract in addition to the Overview.
    • Symposium/Panel Participating Abstract: requests the abstract ID number for the Symposium/Panel Overview submission along with the symposium/panel title and organizer name, in addition to all of the other standard abstract questions that an author must complete for an oral or poster abstract.

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